Safety & Security Service A/S was established in 1982. It is an independent privately owned company based in Oslo. With more than 33 years of experience, the main objective is to be a professional supplier of equipment to Armed Forces, Law Enforcement and other professional end users that has the duty to counter acts of terrorism.

The company policy is to provide the best possible service, combined with world leading equipment over a broad spectrum, at very competitive prices.

Product portfolio.

Arms and Equipment for arms

• Glock Pistols.
• Accuracy International Sniper rifles.
• 60 mm and 81 mm Mortars.
• Knives.
• Sights.
• Scopes.
• Pistol mounted laser/ lights.
• Battlehook pistol sights.
• Dragbags for weapons.
• Broad range of weapon holsters.


• Standard military & law enforcement small calibre ammunition.
• Frangible training ammunition.
• Special, force on force training ammunition and CQB ammunition.
• Special ammunition for shotguns (Less than lethal, birdscarying, dooropening).
• 60 and 81mm mortar ammunition.
• 76mm Naval ammunition.
• 155 mm artillery ammunition.
• Mk82 and Mk84 aircraft bombs and training bombs.
• Fuzes for most type of ammunition.
• Special sniper ammunition.
• Clean ammunition.


• Screening and Signaling pyrotechnics.
• Signaling devices for day and night distress.
• Marine location markers.
• Stun grenades and CS grenades.
• Simulation of explosive devices.
• Vehicle mounted 76mm screening smoke.
• Handheld pararockets and signaling/parachute rockets.
• Broad range of Naval rescue equipment.


• Flares.
• Chaff.
• Squibb and associated equipment.
• CENTURION. For advanced naval platform protection.
• CENTURION provides a major improvement in shipborne EW.


• Military energetic materials and explosives.
• Shape charges.
• Sheet explosives.
• Detonators.

EOD / IED Equipment

• Mine sweeping equipment.
• Vehicle rollers for mine sweeping.
• Exploding / blasting equipment.
• Improvised Explosive Training devices.
• Bomb blankets.

Protective Equipment

• Military and law enforcement ballistic and tactical helmets.
• Ballistic vests.
• Ballistic shields.
• Ballistic laminate for up armouring for every platform.


• Flame retardant underwear.
• Cold weather coveralls.
• Insulated uniforms.
• Equipment holsters / textiles.
• Rucksacks, bags and tailored transport cases.
• Uniforms.
• Flame retardant fighting vehicle suits.
• NM 240 Military tents.